Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Monday, May 24, 2010


I (Will) wanted to show you all what I had been up to the last few weeks, I have taught myself how to cross-stitch!

I love making things for our little one, I spend hours doing them and I love it! Its great therapy!

Friday, May 21, 2010

14 Weeks on Monday

Things in India are very quiet at the moment our doctor is on holidays so we have not had any news since our last scan (she is back today, thank God)!!!!! I (Will) know they work so hard and deserve a rest, but I hate it when she is not there it feels like we have lost a lifeline. The last two weeks have been difficult as I usually correspond with Dr Ramesh weekly just to find out how things are going with our surrogate and baby WAM, not having that contact has been hard!

The weeks at work seem to be flying by, but it feels like our pregnancy tracker is in slow motion!!!! At the moment we both would truly love to sit back and enjoy every second of things but it is so difficult and we do not want to drop our guard it appears every one out there is also expressing that exact same feeling…..

Some exciting times are approaching for some of you out there and we cannot wait to hear and see the great news of your journey. A good friend of ours is also now 36 weeks so she is ready for a life changing experience (having her first child) and we are counting down the days till her baby shower which she is cutting very fine!!!

Hears to no news is good news.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby WAM!!!

Early 12 Week Scan!!!!!!!...

We had an unexpected surprise in our e-mail box today our almost 12 week scan.... We are so happy but we have our fingers crossed for things to continue this way we know how delicate this journey is. Note that troublesome little subchorionic bleed has resolved.

There is a single, live intrauterine pregnancy.

The placenta is along the posterior uterine wall extending up to the fundus.
No evidence of placenta previa seen.

The foetus is in unstable presentation.

Foetal movements and heart activity are present. FHR ---- 166 B / M.

CRL measures 4.6 cm. which corresponds to 11.4 weeks.

Nuchal translucency is 0.9 mm.

Presence of nasal bone is observed.

Ductus venosus blood flow is normal.

There is no evidence of a subchorionic bleed.

The lower uterine segment appears normal. Cervix: 3.8 cm.

Bilateral adnexa are normal.

BY ET, THE GA IS 11 W. 2 D. EDD: 22.11.10.
BY FIRST USG (3.4.10), THE GA IS 11 W. 1 D. EDD: 23.11.10.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

11 weeks and counting!!!!

On Monday we will be 11 weeks exactly and progressing towards our all important twelve week scans. By all accounts everything is OK with our SM she is suffering from very mild morning sickness, still on light bed rest and no pain or spotting. We send our weekly e-mail asking for our progress report which is always replied to with an up-date regarding our SM. We have our fingers crossed that the pesky little subchorionic bleed is resolving itself.

Everything else is going ok, WIll has been on e-bay and I will say no more on the matter (but he can not help himself). All seems very quiet out there in surrogacy blog-land at the moment but we are looking forward to the births coming up in future weeks. It is funny how much we look forward to what you will have and when you will have them, it definitely helps us pass the weeks of our pregnancy.

We are looking forward to seeing a great couple we met in blog land next week-end along with their beautiful little girl, she makes us extremely excited about what we have in store. The other bonus is that like you all out there they truly understand what we are going through as they too have been there and done that.

Fingers crossed W&M