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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

21 Week Update & Scan

We have just got our 21 week scan and all is looking great!
Just look at that little face, to say we are happy is an understatement!


A single, live intrauterine pregnancy with longitudinal lie and breech presentation is noted.

Foetal cardiac activity and limb movements are observed. FHR: 140 B / M.

The placenta is localized on the posterior uterine wall, extending up to the fundus.

There is no evidence of placenta previa. It shows grade 2 maturity.

Liquour is adequate.

The lower uterine segment is normal. There is no evidence of incompetent os.

The cervical length is 5.8 cm.

Various foetal parameters are as follows:


4.8 Cm.

20.5 Weeks.


18.7 Cm.

21.1 Weeks.


16.8 Cm.

21.6 Weeks.


3.6 Cm.

21.5 Weeks.


22 % -- NO IUGR

EBW: 442 gm. +/- 65 gm.

Following foetal organs are well visualized and do not show any obvious malformation.

* Spine * Brain *4C Heart *Kidneys * Stomach * Bladder * 3 Vessel cord * Eyes * Nose * Upper limbs

* Lower limbs.

Monday, July 12, 2010


We hope you enjoy this DVD of our baby WAM as much as we do.
place your bets... Girl or Boy?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Almost 21 Weeks

We received the DVD of our 18 week scan last week and to say we LOVE it is an understatement! We can’t stop watching it, to see our baby moving around in there is so exciting! Every body that comes to the house I make watch the whole 10 minutes while I stand next to the TV and point things out!!! (That’s the leg, that’s the foot, look at the heartbeat) Poor people!

We are going to dinner tomorrow night to see some great friends, we met through our blog, they have the most beautiful little girl who was born through surrogacy in India, it is so nice to have there support and to have them so close is great. Guess what? We will be taking the DVD with us to show them!!!!!!!!!