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Saturday, May 1, 2010

11 weeks and counting!!!!

On Monday we will be 11 weeks exactly and progressing towards our all important twelve week scans. By all accounts everything is OK with our SM she is suffering from very mild morning sickness, still on light bed rest and no pain or spotting. We send our weekly e-mail asking for our progress report which is always replied to with an up-date regarding our SM. We have our fingers crossed that the pesky little subchorionic bleed is resolving itself.

Everything else is going ok, WIll has been on e-bay and I will say no more on the matter (but he can not help himself). All seems very quiet out there in surrogacy blog-land at the moment but we are looking forward to the births coming up in future weeks. It is funny how much we look forward to what you will have and when you will have them, it definitely helps us pass the weeks of our pregnancy.

We are looking forward to seeing a great couple we met in blog land next week-end along with their beautiful little girl, she makes us extremely excited about what we have in store. The other bonus is that like you all out there they truly understand what we are going through as they too have been there and done that.

Fingers crossed W&M


  1. Hello!
    Congratulations to you and your almost 12 weeks! We follow your blog!

    Best regards,
    H&M :-)
    (having a baby in 14 weeks...)

  2. So happy to hear this update and you guys are just super nice! Wow - you are nearing the end of first trimester! what a great milestone to look forward to! Looking forward (also) to catching up on the weekend too! until then, take care
    your friends

  3. Yay - we weeks is a great milestone. We recently had someone with a HUGE sub-C bleed and it resolved, you'll be fine.

    Start of week 13 you're in second trimester ... makes it sound so much further along when you count by trimesters.

    Great progress guys, keep the good news coming.

  4. 12 weeks, not we weeks doh.

  5. Happy 12 weeks! It gets more exciting as each day passes...and I'm with Will on ebay...good thing I'm on the other side of the earth or we'd likely be bidding against one another! :-)

  6. Congratulations! Every week brings you closer and closer to the finish of this wonderful journey. We will be fallowing you all the way to the end! All the best!

  7. I am glad things are going well guys ;)

  8. Happy 11 weeks! You're getting so much closer now.

    Ebay is such a lovely way to make the time pass a bit quicker. And it's so cheap!

    Keep having fun, you two.


  9. Congrats - we can't wait to hear more as the surrogacy progresses. You are so lucky to get the weekly updates too - some clinics can be so slow to respond, but it's nice to be able to know how your SM is doing so i'm glad they are giving you the routine updates! Keep us posted

  10. Hi guys. Congratulations. We're pregnant with Rotunda now (early pregnancy--just finishing the sixth week) and I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

  11. My mother-in-law spent the first few weeks on eBay so there has been no need for me to (thank goodness). I have a ton of baby boy and girl stuff. Congrats on nearing your 2nd trimester! :)

  12. My love is with you both, do I dare to dream?
    I am holding my breath and longing that everything goes well for us all.
    Love you both very much.
    Mum in England. xxxxx

  13. OK, all we need to do is copy and paste your comments to our blog as you are expressing our same feelings.

    Our SM is now in her 10th week.

    We are watching you :-)

  14. Hey guys, I really liked what you put on the Chai Baby blog. Thanks for sharing and good luck with everything coming ahead.

    D and B