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Sunday, August 29, 2010

28 Weeks

We are now 28 weeks and hopefully all is going well. We are currently waiting for another scan to see how our SM and baby WAM are progressing. We are concerned to see if the polyhydramnios has settled and our fingers remained crossed that all is ok and progressing well.

Has been a difficult period at the moment and the past two weeks feel like they have been the hardest in a while. Seems like we are constantly asking questions but they are never all being answered. We know that everything important is being taken care of by our clinic and have faith that they are doing everything required to keep SM and baby WAM safe. Just wish that we had more of an instant feedback system to allay our concerns.

I am starting to feel like we are going to have a baby but do still find it difficult to believe and have troubles giving in completely to the experience. Will has completely surrendered to it all and sometimes I feel like I am raining on his parade. I have however started to read my first baby book and this excites me but also presents a huge learning curve!

I am currently trying to get parity with my leave rights at work so that we can access parental leave which is a bit stressful and feels like another hurdle however I am committed to obtaining equal rights and hopefully all goes well.

Our nursery is currently bursting at the seams we can't help ourselves and every time we are at the shops we leave with something else.

We have set a date for our baby shower and will be sending out the invites very soon.... We are slowly getting things done around the house before we go, but sometimes feels like one job crossed off two jobs then go on...

Hopefully we will have our scan results shortly and will be able to see how things are going.



  1. You're at that stage now where baby is capable of living outside the womb. It wouldn't be ideal, by any means, but not impossible.

    I always found this to be quite comforting.

    Yay for your nursery and party! Hope you get news soon.


  2. Fingers crossed for good news soon. Enjoy the shower!

  3. Jojo is right. You are past the point of external viability even if the baby arrived today. It is no longer a fetus, you now have what is called a BABY!

    Hang in there and try not to stress out, you guys are in great shape. If there were any concern worth stressing out about, your clinic would have already alerted you. Singleton pregnancy past 28 weeks is 99%+ situation of successful delivery...

  4. No news is good news - there simply is nothing to worry about. Party on!

  5. Party on and push for that parental leave. I could't get maternity leave as I didn't carry, but my employer did match the adoption leave entitlements for me (as leave for surrogacy purposes hadn't been requested before). For us, maternity leave is 12 weeks - 6 weeks medical for the mum and 6 weeks bonding/settling/establishing routine with bubs. So push for that at a minimum. Good luck!!!

  6. As everyone said above, 28 weeks is now considered the viability milestone! It is time to let yourself get excited, or as was so wisely commented to us recently: "Fasten your seat belts!"

    I know how hard it is to be so far away and not get good answers to questions. It's frustrating, aggravating and makes me want to fly to India and shake someone sometimes. Could some other intended parents who used Rotunda answer some of your questions? As far as asking our clinic questions Brian and I have come up with our own standards which may or may not work for anyone else. We keep the questions simple and only ask a few at a time. We also make sure not to ask "Yes" or "No" questions. Nothing makes me want to pull my hair out more than asking two or three questions and getting a single "Yes" answer back. Overall though, we have basically come to the conclusion that we just have to have faith that everything is going okay without confirmation. Its risky but we don't know what else to do. The most important thing is that you are having a baby and it is only a question of when. Congratulations on reaching that milestone.

  7. We are almost at the same stage, and I know exactly how you feel. we had a scare a couple of weeks ago, where our SM's amniotic fluid was low.....I was completely ready to lose the plot!!
    It is so hard to relax, but I know that our SM is getting the best care possible as is yours.
    Not long now and we will be parents!!