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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Almost 31 Weeks

We cannot believe that tomorrow will mark the start of our 31st week. By all accounts everything is progressing well and our SM will be due a 3D scan very soon, which we can not wait to receive.

The nursery is completed and we have started to pack bubs bag for overseas, this is extremely difficult. Pre-baby WAM, Will and I have never been the lightest of travellers and packing for bub is proving to be very difficult… If anyone has any tips of what we should take (essentials or things you wish you had packed) please help and likewise things we should not bother taking. I think this will be the first time we travel with a shared suitcase…. Baby WAM has already claimed a suitcase of his/hers……

Will is extremely busy at the moment and working seven days so he is really quite tired. I am still attempting to get leave from my employer and this is in the hands of my professions union and the anti-discrimination commission, not really the most relaxing time and not really the stress that we need at the moment. Hopefully however this will set a much-needed precedence in my statewide organisation and pave the way for other males and couples pursuing parental leave and surrogacy leave.

We have our Indian VISA sorted but have not bothered with booking flights as yet we are still watching prices however (what did other Aussies do book one way or return flights?), will more than likely book after our 3D scan and see what this says, we are aiming to leave on the 1st November (all going to plan). We have ordered an Indian SIM card also and that will arrive this week so we will have an Indian phone number ready for when we depart . Still have not booked accommodation but will more than likely wing this when we know for certain when we are going, definitely know where we would like to stay.

The Faith to Vishwas boys arrival really hit home this week how close we really are with the birth of their beautiful little girl Vivian Grace highlighting to us things can happen at any time.

We will keep you posted after our next scan!!!


  1. That nursery is just so excellently delicious. I will hire you to come to my place and decorate my guest room. We booked return flights and had to change them twice (mainly because we were slack in getting our act together in India), and paid $120 ($60 each ticket) each time to delay the flights. So book one-way unless it's cheap enough and easy to change your flights.

  2. Wow! My dearest friends, I am so thrilled for you both that everything is going so wonderfuly well.
    It really is not long now until you will be holding your precious little bundle. I am hoping and praying that the last few weeks will continue safely and with no problems.
    Love the nursey and hope you get your leave problems sorted at work Michael.
    Love you loads
    Eileen XXXX

  3. What a beautiful nursery! You have so much style, boys. I bet you made some of the stuff, too, you clever things. :)

    Take a USB stick with you, so you can take pictures of baby and print out easily at a photo shop. Also, take a bottle cleaning brush and if I had my time again, I'd take a microwave steriliser. Much faster than the electric kind.

    What else? Um...plenty of wipes and cotton balls. Some soft bibs (can never have enough) and a decent size nappy bag. Oh, and one of those forumla containers and a thermos.

    That's all I can think of right now. :)


  4. Getting the nursery done is a great milestone! It is indeed indeed true that you just never know what's next at this point. But, there's nothing any of us can do but try and be prepared and remain flexible.

    My airline charges a change fee of $400 per ticket. BUT - they told me if I get a note from our doctor they will refund it. We'll see but it never occurred to me before they mentioned it.

    Best wishes fellas!

  5. The Nursery is Fantastic!! Love the IPOD.....Your little one will be bopping from day 1 of being home!

    We are pretty much like not booked, accommodation not sorted. There doesn't seem to be much fluctuation in pricing if booked three week before or one day before.

    Unfortunately our stay in Mumbai will be longer than anticipated as the British Embassy have recently made changes to the way they issue 1st time passport......It Sucks!

    Therefore our paths should definitely cross!

    AS always best wishes on this final leg of the surrogacy pregnancy.

  6. Oh, guys, this is trully beautiful room. So chic and nice.
    You are way more organized then us.
    Good luck with everything!
    Ula and Saul

  7. Love the curtains and matching pillow. Congratulations guys! You're having a baby!!

  8. I love the nusery! It looks very calming and inviting.

    We have just started putting our packing list together and are having trouble working through conflicting advice. It sounds like you can get just about anything you want in India but if you prefer certain brands of anything to take them with you. At the moment I'm a little overwhelmed with diaper sizes, formula and bottle types!

  9. If we were to do it all over again, we would have bought diapers & formula in India. There really is no need to lug those along. Indian formula is just fine and comparable to Western blends and cheaper. As for clothes you basically need onesies, twosies, swaddling blankets, a nice warm blanket, and some caps. Ideally of synthetic material as they dry quicker. You need about 6 changes; you can wash the rest at your hotel or tub, these items are small and dry quickly. The only things you should bring are bottles (good ones are imported and expensive in India) and whatever sterilization kit you plan on using in Australia unless your hotel provides one or your nurse has one. The sterilizers in India are comparable in price but voltage is an issue so you may not be able to use it back home. We found good pacifiers were hard to find as well, so bring a few of those. Honestly babies need very little, you can buy anything else you need in India and it's cheaper. For example we paid about 12 USD for mosquito netting and found a superior kind for less than 2 USD in India. Additionally, you should bring Cipro, Immodium, antacids, Mylanta for yourself (just in case). Yes comparables are sold in India but I've heard sometimes they can be fakes and you don't want to take chances with bacterial infections if you come down with one. Also, make sure you are on anti-malarials as malaria has seen a resurgence in the past couple of years and it will also be flu season in the northern hemisphere so make sure you guys are up to date with your flu vaccines, H1N1. In the US whooping cough has become an issue in some metro areas so you can never be too cautious and perhaps a vaccine for that would be a good idea. Babies do get pertussis (whooping cough) vaccines but the immunity doens't kick in till 6 months. If anyone knows better on this, please interject. In short, you can never be too cautious....

    Good luck you guys are almost there!

    PS if you don't want to miss the delivery you should be front and center in Mumbai no later than start of week 36.

  10. Oops sorry, some translation is in order:

    pacifiers = dummies (I think that's what you Aussies call 'em)


  11. Getting very excited. What do you need for the nursery??? I am very stuck for baby shower pressie. Love those designer/custom made cushions and curtains..I'm going to put my order in to Antone's Custom made Homewares.
    31 weeks, WOW WAM !!
    Love you two

  12. Hi Guys,
    As a fellow anal rententive list maker I am relying on your to document the final list that you take ! 31 weeks has come along so quickly ! Quick get those bags packed.
    Best Wishes

  13. Hi Will and Mike,
    What lovely people you have following your blogg, I read their comments with delight.
    Not long now before I am Pommie Nana.
    You boys never did travel light, this time needs must, I would say take Calpol, my god Will you and your sister had lots of that, but times change it was a long time ago, so not sure, one thing is sure you will be taking plentt of love.
    All our love
    Mum and Graham xxxxx

  14. Hi Will and Mike (again).
    Was worried after I said about the Calpol, things change, however I went on line, you can use a nassal Calpol from birth to 3 months, and the Calpol liquid from 2 months.
    Its a long time since I had a little one, you will know whats right for Baby, dont listen to your silly old Mum.
    Barb (Mum)xxxxx

  15. Hi, We had our twins in Delhi, and baby stuff was difficult to come by there, plus the local formula "Nan" by Nestle, caused one of them to vomit a great deal, until we were able to get home to the US. I had brought enough for a few weeks with us, but ran out and had to buy locally there, because our case was subjected to a multi week investigation by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Laundry services were surprisingly expensive and took two days minimum each time, so we were under a lot of stress because we traveled light. I had 8 light receiving blankets and only two slightly warmer ones, ten undershirts and six sleepers, and four hats, two dozen cloth square diapers (we used these for all purpose cloths-wrapping, burping, etc.) 8 bottles and nipples and a microwave sterilizer. Since one of the twins was spitting up and vomiting many times a day, we had a very difficult time. I washed clothes by hand, but it would take two days to dry because of the humidity-and this was in December which is not the rainy season. My advice would be to bring plenty of good formula, (Enfamil costs $70+ US dollars for 35 ounces in New Delhi, and was very rare, so we had to buy the Nan) lots of baby clothes and supplies, and disposable diapers in the right sizes. I had thought that I'd be able to buy these things in the capital city but the shops were dirt floored stalls, for the most part, and one decent baby store we visited, was fairly expensive and hard to reach in bad traffic.
    Again, this was our experience in New Delhi.
    Good luck!