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Sunday, October 10, 2010

WAM's Baby Shower

We celebrated baby WAM’s baby shower on Saturday and it was wonderful to have our nearest and dearest (in Australia) here to celebrate with us. It is days like this that we wish Australia and England were not half a world away and we could celebrate with Wills family and our friends in England.

We had a great day and baby WAM was very spoilt, it reminded us how special and supportive our family and friends are and how lucky we are to have them.

The baby shower has always been an event in our calendar that seemed some way away. So it makes things quite surreal that we have surpassed this milestone and really hits home that we are definitely having a baby!!! It came and went in a flash!!!

We would like to thank everybody for all there beautiful gifts, we love them all so much. We would also like to thank our very special friends Jason Mark & Charlotte for organizing all of the wonderful baby shower games, they were great fun!


  1. You will make great parents. I can feel all the love already. Not long now.

    Enjoy these next few weeks together as a couple as soon you will have an around-the-clock roomate to throw into the equation.


  2. Aaawww....looks like you had a beautiful day. And what a lovely home you have! Baby WAM is very lucky!


  3. What a lovely party! Nice touch with blue and pink shirts!
    Enjoy and celebrate and all starts to happen VERY quickly from here on out.
    HAPPINESS to you both!

  4. Great to see the pics. Are you in Qld? you have VJ walls. Soon you will be posting "the news" we all want to hear, and pics of little WAM, Heh, I didn't notice the blue and pink shirts - very cool.

  5. Your child is truly blessed to be loved by so many people. It does seem like time is speeding up.

  6. Gutted that I could not be there with you to share your baby shower celebration!
    Glad you had a fantastic time with your Aussie friends and family.
    Love and miss you both so much xxxx

  7. Looks like you had a beautiful day with many friends and family.
    It feels so much more special to have so many people sharing your joy.
    Not long now!!!

  8. Hi Will and Michael,
    Looked at the lovely photos and I felt I was there with you all.
    Love and miss you.
    Mum and Graham xxxxxx

  9. I really don’t know what happen in baby shower. But i read some articles and usually doing this baby shower is baby shower BINGO, bottle race and mommies tummies.
    Mickey Buarao

  10. hello, looks like you're going to be in Mumbai soon.
    We are staying in Rodas - a butique hotel just steps from Hiranandani Hospital (which is perfect considering we have to visit NICU twice daily).It in heart of Hiranandani Gardens so there is lots of stores, restaurants and parks to visit. Great area if you like spending time outside of your hotel.

    Lot's of inteded parents are in Courtyard hotel by Mariot (close to the airport). It's really nice hotel (I think 5 star) and it has outside pool.

    Also you may check Ramada in Powai (not far from Hiranandani hospital) with outside pool and rooms are quite nice (we spend there first 3 nights)

    Let us know when you're comming. Would love to meet you.
    Ula and Saul

  11. Hey guys-
    Just thought I'd check in with you. Crazy how close we are!! Do you know where you're staying yet? And when you're arriving? Also, how did you get a pregnant shot of your surrogate? They haven't sent us one, but we didn't know we could ask. It's also odd that it seems we received different information on reports than you did. We didn't get an estimated birth weight for example. Did you get a report from a place called the RIA Clinic? And how's the communication going? Sometimes for us it's like pulling teeth. Lastly, we also heard that the FRRO office is now asking for an affidavit of payment from the surrogate and a release from her as well to take the baby. We asked Dr. Ramesh about it and were told they could put us in touch with a lawyer to draw it up. I'm trying to find out from them if the lawyer they used for the original contracts could just do it.

    We got a couple of good lists from people on what to bring, I'm sure you have the same ones. But I'll pass them on if you want. Check in when you can.

  12. I Can't wait to meet my little cousin !! X