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Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Year of the Tiger

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Well we are now into the new year and we are excited about what the year will bring and hoping for a healthy, happy, prosperous year full of new adventures and hopefully the pitter patter of little feet or at least the happy, hungry cry of a new born. In saying this we are excited and dreading the process that will get us there. We are already thinking about the surrogate selection, egg collection, the two week wait and then hoping we get to experience the dread of our first ultrasound and then looking forward to the news of a heartbeat. If we are so lucky to get there we are going to dread and be extremely anxious regarding our first twelve week scan and check as this is unfortunately where things went wrong for us last year. Please don't think we are pessimists (well maybe I am, Michael) however Will is definitely a glass half full person and always looking on the brighter side but combined we definitely create a yin and yang and this challenge although very early and no where near as difficult as some of you, I feel is a testament to our relationship and those around us (and to all of you who are undertaking the same process) .

There are so many unknowns that we are going to face this year and the majority we will face alone without the support of those nearest and dearest, our closest friends and family. Although very supportive and very understanding we often find ourselves sugar coating our experience as to make it more palatable for them, it is difficult enough to tell people that you are attempting to have a child through surrogacy, then you bring in a foreign country, then India, then Indian egg donor, then questions about the biological father............... (you all get the picture I am sure). Throw in the mix a few hiccups with communication a few hiccups with our clinic and the loss of our baby at twelve weeks and I can tell you we did face alot alone, although we shared our experience with others we did still protect our family and friends from the nitty gritty leaving us to laugh, cry, yell and scream the experience out together as a couple.

We have read silently and lived many peoples experiences via there blogs. We have followed for some time reading about peoples two weeks wait, joys and happiness, the advancing pregnancies and unfortunately some losses. That is why we are here too thank everyone who we have followed and in the hope that some people may do the same with our journey. We hope to have the picture perfect journey that will read like some fairy tale, however (the pessimist in me) knows we will have hiccups and we will share them warts and all.

We hope that this year the year of the TIGER will be our year, I am not into astronomy or any of that but somehow I see myself looking for anything that will be a positive or hopefully bring us luck and a little baby to love and nurture!!!! I hope the same for all of you out there and trust us we will be living out all your experience's with you and wishing you all the best!!!!


  1. i was born in the year of the Tiger
    and if all continues to go well my twins will be as well :)

    all the best guys


  2. i really liked this post guys (even though you posted it over two months ago!...I'm so behind, sorry) we go at our third attempt very soon i'm reminded that you have to play both sides, pessimist and optimist, in order to get through this without going completely insane. thanks for sharing all you've gone through. Aloha, D and B