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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Australia Day & Purna Swaraj Day January 26th

On the 26th we will be celebrating Australia Day along with Purna Swaraj Day (India's Independence Day). Will's mum is coming across from England for 4 weeks on the 25th so we are also looking forward to this, she is fantastic and we have a great relationship with her so we are truly excited about her yearly visit. She will definitely feel the heat however as she is coming from a very cold winter to our scorching humid summer, thankfully the air conditioners are primed and ready for her arrival.

We are planning to go to South bank on Tuesday with Will's mum and my mum, there will be traditional Indian dancers celebrating Purna Swaraj and Australia Day and there will be a fantastic vibe in the city, it should be great!! We will then relax on a river cruise with a seafood lunch followed by the typical BBQ with friends and a few nice cold drinks.

It is now five weeks till our next attempt so we are getting there slowly but surely. Will has been obsessed with our new egg donor having long chats to her picture every night, she does have very wide beautiful eyes and hopefully she holds an integral part to our future family. Our clinic remain positive about her previous cycle and we have our fingers crossed for many positive results to come. Will has also been speaking to our new Doctor who will be helping us with this cycle Dr Ramesh, she has been very easy to talk too and very approachable with our nagging questions hopefully this will continue (we are pretty high maintenance).

I am definitely feeling a little more relaxed about this attempt (easy to say when we are five weeks away) we are both trying to put as many good/positive vibes out there as possible. I still find myself staring at pregnant women in ore and following the progress of a very close friends pregnancy. Had our initial attempt continued we would have been due three weeks apart, thankfully however all things continue well for her and she is well aware that she has two babysitters and four hands to help at anytime.

We are keeping are fingers crossed for the Christmas Eve boys for the 26th hopefully you guys get the news you deserve and have been waiting for!!!

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  1. ha! how funny! just checked your blog and snap! we are totally on the same wave length. I think this is a good sign for both of us.

    much love and baby dust coming your way!