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Friday, February 12, 2010

ready, set.........

Getting closer to the start of our new cycle and the nerves are setting in! Michael seems to be less nervous then me but I think he hides it well.
Our egg donor starts her preparation on or around the 16th Feb so egg retrieval is around the 1st march.
Our clinic have been very helpful in the selection process of our new surrogate and have found us a surrogate that we love and fits all our criteria, she is a first time surrogate so they have also allowed us to select a back up surrogate just in case things don’t work out with her preparation.
Keep you updated!


  1. best of luck guys
    my thoughts are with you

  2. Then everything seems to be in order. Go for it...Good luck.

  3. Hi guys

    Best of luck for your egg retrieval in a couple of weeks! We are on the Gold Coast so close to you! and just returned from India with our baby girl. Our fingers are crossed!

  4. Good luck guys, you are in my thoughts!

  5. Lots and lots and lots of baby dust your way, boys. Your journey has started!


  6. CJAM only at the Gold Coast very close!!!! Would be fantastic to hear more of your story. Please get in contact if you are happy to

    Thanks everyone for all your thoughts, is great to know you are all in our corner!!!

  7. We are hoping the best for you in this attempt at pregnancy. You are close behind us in dates, so if all goes well, we should cross paths.

    Best Wishes!!

  8. You are in a different kind of 2-week-wait....leading up to your next 2 week wait!
    Our very best regards for this and each of the many many steps that follow this one!!!! Warm wishes....

  9. Thinking of you both and hoping your dreams will come true this time around.
    Love and miss you and can't wait to see you again. Lots of love Eileen XXXXX