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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Things are never easy.....

We have just received our first ultrasound report for our SM there are lots of positives there but one finding that fills us both with fear. Report below


There is a single, well defined, gestational sac in the uterus.

It shows a good chorio-decidual reaction around it.

A foetal pole is noted in this sac.

Foetal heart activity is present. FHR --- 133 B / M.

CRL measures 0.6 cm. which corresponds to 6.4 weeks.

The lower uterine segment appears normal.

Bilateral adnexa are normal.

A subchorionic bleed (1.9 x 0.9 cm.) is noted.

BY ET, THE GA IS 6 W. 5 D. EDD: 22.11.10.
BY USG, THE GA IS 6 W. 4 D. EDD: 23.11.10.

We have spoken to our Doctor and our SM is on strict bedrest and she is continuing on all medications, she is otherwise well. Fortunately she has no associated pain or visible bleeding....... Please help!!! Have any of you heard of this, been through this or know anything about this?

It is amazing how quickly your bubble can burst we were both on top of the world and so happy with our beta numbers. I was feeling very quietly confident but this has completely ripped the rug out from under me. I really want to get on the net and go crazy reading anything I can but also realise that I will only focus on the negatives, unfortunately this is me...... I can already feel myself slipping back into self protection mode and we are only 7 weeks in..... Our house seems to be full of emotion at the moment but very very quiet...

Hoping and praying for all to be well..........


  1. I believe it's quite common in pregnancies and the majority of cases heal themselves. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, although I understand that is easier said than done.

    If it makes you feel any better, I think we all have 'issues' we have to deal with. For example, my surro's placenta has become low lying, which worries me. And I know other couples who have had what you have and one couple who have a split placenta.

    Try not to panic. Hopefully, we'll all be OK.


    ps - "And I know someday that it'll all work out..."

  2. 99% of your report is positive, so keep that as your main focus and everything will work out for the best.

  3. The stress is never ending! Good thing your surro is on bed rest, this is great proactive treatment. I am not sure what the bleed means, but your surro is being monitored and that the best for now. We will be thinking of your surro and you both over the next few weeks, praying for improvement and onto the next steps.

  4. Hey guys,
    I know of another couple who started out with an even larger subchorionic mass and they are entering I believe week 16 now and all is fine. Let me know if you want to chat with them and I'll forward you their email.
    Jon (

  5. So sorry about the stress. It is completely understandable but Jojo is right, subchorionic hematoma are fairly common and it is really good that the clinic is being proactive and placing your surrogate on bed rest. That is the best thing they can do at this time. It may not hurt to ask your doctor to see if your surrogate can get extra attention from her care giver to make sure she isn't trying to do too much.

    The most important thing is that the baby is the right gestastional age and has a good heartbeat. The size of the fetus and the heart rate are the best indicators of a healthy pregnancy.

  6. We had one of those and between scans it disappeared, absorbed back into the body. They are very common, especially with IVF. Your clinic has done the right thing with the bed rest. Try to ignore it as best you can and focus on the positives - a good sac, fetal pole and heartbeat.

  7. There is so much that is foreign in this process that we discover as we go. That is the scariest part. Almost always, the reality of words on a report are more common and less terrifying than what Google would have you believe.

    We've ALL had similar events that caused panic and fear...and likely will again. Trust in your caregivers and try and keep your focus on the really exceptional news....YOU'RE PREGNANT!

  8. Being a gestational surrogate myself, I can speak from experience. First let me say CONGRATULATIONS to you both! Secondly, I also had a SCH early in this pregnancy (currently 23 weeks pregnant with TWINS) It happened around 6-7weeks along. I was at work and all of a sudden I had a big gush and low and behold there was a ton of blood. I went that day for an U/S and we still had two live babies growing. I continued to be monitored and over time it resolved. I didn't have to be on bed rest at all but I took it easy and am happy to report that it DID go away. Being apart of a message board, there are many surrogates that experience this. Good luck!

  9. Hi there
    Delurking to let you know that I had a subchrionic bleed at 7 weeks, and continued to bleed for 16 weeks. I was terrified as we had multiple miscarriages throughout our ivf journey, but it resolved itself and my baby is now 5 weeks old. I had 6 weeks of bed rest and everything was fine in the end, so hold the faith, it can be fine. According to the med team it is really common and happens in a significant number of pregnancies. Hope all is good.