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Monday, November 8, 2010

Waiting For WAM!

Today we are 38 weeks pregnant, our surrogate is doing such a good job of looking after baby WAM he/she is in no hurry to come out.
If our surrogate does not go into labour before Wednesday she will be reassessed and likely to have a c-section on Thursday.
In the mean time Michael and I are patiently waiting for the phone to ring. We can’t go to far away from our hotel, as we don’t want to miss the birth when the phone eventually rings. So most of the time we are spending in the room. We are staying at the Rodas hotel which is only a stones throw away from the hospital.
Our luggage has finely arrived so that is a great relief.
We will keep you posted.


  1. Hurray, the luggage is here, finally we will see you wearing other clothes .... just joking.
    We are waiting for baby WAM with you.
    Hang in there he/she is coming.


  2. So relieved your luggage has arrived safely.
    I am also waiting by my phone for the text with the news we are all waiting for!
    Not long now!
    Love you both loads.

  3. I'm glad your luggage arrived. I always carry my bra and undies as a carry on when I go to India, I just could not imagine what I would do if I didn't have them. It's a good thing that your surrogate is so far along.

  4. Tick tock...tick tock. The suspense!! Hopefully, if tomorrow is the day all goes well and we finally get to meet baby WAM, finally!!! Very exciting!