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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Saturday, November 6, 2010


We are patiently waiting for baby WAM but also for all our luggage which QANTAS kindly left for us in Brisbane.
We are well if not just a little annoyed with our airline.... Fingers crossed that our luggage turns up before baby WAM, Will is very upset and worried about his passed three months packing efforts and all the little goodies in WAM's suitcase! Most importantly SM and WAM are ok!

India is going Obama crazy and the city is practically in lock down due to his visit so going to a few tourist destinations is definitely not going on in the next few days! On the other hand Dewali is an amazing festival and the locals definitely get into the spirit of things and there is a real energy surrounding the area.

We are stating at the Rodas which is ok great location to the hospital and to supermarkets, malls an restaurants however will not be our location of choice post WAM.....

We promise to keep you posted but are limiting the usage of our laptop and iPad until our luggage arrives as of course all our chargers are nicely packed in our luggage (that is in Hong Kong, we came via Singapore!!!!).. We had the pleasure to meet Ula & Saul last night and they are a great couple and was fantastic to meet them in person...

Watch this space


  1. it was great to get to knowe you in person as well.
    We are looking forward to meet your WAM and wish you all the best.
    Ula and Saul

  2. AT least your plane didn't blow an engine on the way to Delhi! Can't wait to meet baby WAM. waiting, waiting ... with you x

  3. Hoping that your luggage arrives soon......

    See you guys next week!

  4. Bloody Qantas, what's going on with that once great airline?

    So excited for you...hang in there!!!


  5. We are really looking forward to reading your good news and seeing pics!

  6. My Apple iPad is better...

  7. Bugger about the luggage. Qantas has had a bad week though so I suppose one way to look at it is to be thankful that they did not leave behind the landing gear or an engine !!! Best Wishes guys. Can't wait to see little WAM ! Have you got the "Choose Life" and "Go Go" rompers ready yet ?
    X Gemway