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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We started our surrogacy journey 12 months ago, we had both always wanted to be parents but always thought that physically and financially this would never be possible. Then we found out about surrogacy in India, we were so excited and contacted many clinics in India and looked at the pros & cons of each clinic. That was a massive learning curve in it-self, the communication from many clinics was poor and just getting a response is not easy! After all our research we decided to go with Rotunda.

To make a long story short we transferred 4 grade A embryos and 1 grade B into our surrogate at the end of august 2009.

2 weeks later we get the email that said we were pregnant BUT and there is always a but, Our beta number was low (17.5) they would test again in 2 days, next beta was 24, not doubled and we almost gave up hope, we tested again 2 days later and beta was 98, Then 147, then 286 and so on, they doubled every test after that!

At our first scan they found a heartbeat and all looked good apart from the embryo was a little small and showed a week lag, we were told that this was ok and nothing for us to worry about. We were so happy our dreams were coming true, I can’t remember ever being that happy.

At our 10 week scan all was still looking good and our baby was growing, still one week behind but a good strong heartbeat!

We knew it was very early but I (Will) could not stop myself buying some baby clothes when I went to our local shopping centre, I was so excited I could not believe what was happening.

2 weeks later our world was turned upside down, at our 12 week scan it showed our baby’s heart had stopped beating and we had had a missed abortion.

That was about 8 weeks ago, we are still finding it hard to except but if we want our dream of being parents we must move on.

We have decided to stick with Rotunda and have found a new egg donor and we cycle again in Feb!

So that’s where we are at, this is the hardest thing we have ever done, to anyone who is thinking about undertaking this journey don’t do so lightly, you put your life on hold, its always on your mind, its in your every thought (waking & sleeping), you have many sleepless nights and life will never be the same again (that is just before the baby!!!!). But the reward of a baby at the end of it all is what keeps us going, it will be worth it and our dreams will come true!!!!!!! (I hope)