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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Surrogate Change

We are so close now to the start of this cycle, egg retrieval is due for Tuesday and our egg donor is doing well. Our first choice of surrogate got her menses late so we are now cycling with our second surrogate choice who matches our egg donors cycle, not such a bad thing as our second choice was as good as our first!!!

The waiting is killing me, I hate it, as the time gets closer each day seems to get longer and longer. Our clinic are so patient with me (Will) I email just about every day asking about something, I always get a reply the same day explaining all my questions, our doctor is very understanding of our situation.

I read on some peoples Blogs that if their first cycle is not successful they feel calmer on their next, not me (Will). I feel so nervous this time round, more than the first time, I am trying hard to stay positive and enjoy the journey. I feel I am the sort of person who is able deal with anything but what I am having problems with is the not knowing, if I knew the outcome I could deal with it, but until I know I feel like my life is on hold! Can’t wait for things to start!

Keep you up-dated.

Friday, February 12, 2010

ready, set.........

Getting closer to the start of our new cycle and the nerves are setting in! Michael seems to be less nervous then me but I think he hides it well.
Our egg donor starts her preparation on or around the 16th Feb so egg retrieval is around the 1st march.
Our clinic have been very helpful in the selection process of our new surrogate and have found us a surrogate that we love and fits all our criteria, she is a first time surrogate so they have also allowed us to select a back up surrogate just in case things don’t work out with her preparation.
Keep you updated!