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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Second Trimester Anomaly Scan

We got our second trimester anomaly scan today and all is normal, Rotunda send us a CD of this scan which is being couriered to us, (thank you Dr Ramesh) we cant wait to get it!! Everything appears to be right on track so our fingers remained crossed tightly.

We are so happy that our baby WAM is doing so well. I don’t feel so bad about buying so many things for the nursery and also a set of wheels for WAM, I (Will) just cant stop myself, but I must say Michael has now made a few baby purchases of his own! Now he cant stop me!!!!!! Yeah!!!!

We are currently in the process of getting some more storage space and upgrading our current built in wardrobes, the house is currently in a state of everything everywhere. It will be well worth it in the end. However at the moment it is terrible not having any cupboards!!!!

Our thoughts are with everyone out there in blog land with pending births and also George in his very difficult situation, we can not even imagine how things are for him at the moment. You are all in our thoughts.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby W&M Bump!

We had a great surprise in our email inbox this morning, a clinical update of our surrogate (she is doing great) and a photo of our baby bump!

I can not tell you how happy this photo has made us feel!! Our surrogate is such a special lady and seeing this really hits home what a wonderful thing that she is doing. She is taking such good care of our little one and she has a real glow!!!

We can’t believe how much she is showing and even harder to believe that our little one is in there!

We are so grateful to Dr Ramesh for the care she is giving to our surrogate and us.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fur Babies



Just a quick post to show you a picture of our fur babies. They have been a major part of our lives over the past five years. We probably should be starting to wean the attention, as I am sure there will be a huge shock to them in November if everything goes to plan. We do of course have another fur baby Milly (cat) but she does not like posing for pictures.

We have started to look at a few things that we would like to get done around the house before our new addition arrives and the list continues to grow and grow, but this will be a great way to pass the time.

Will being English is also very excited about the football world cup so I am sure there will be a few sleepless nights coming up, once again another great way to pass the time.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby W&M Ultrasound


A single, live intrauterine pregnancy with unstable lie is noted.

Foetal cardiac activity and limb movements are observed. FHR: 139 B/M.

The placenta is localized on the posterior uterine wall, extending up to the fundus.

There is no evidence of placenta previa. It shows grade 1 maturity.

Liquour is adequate.

The lower uterine segment is normal. There is no evidence of incompetent os.

The cervical length is 4.2 cm.

Various foetal parameters are as follows:


3.3 Cm.

16.2 Weeks.


12.0 Cm.

16.0 Weeks.


10.2 Cm.

16.2 Weeks.


1.7 Cm.

15.1 Weeks.

Following foetal organs are well visualized and do not show any obvious malformation.

* Spine * Brain *Stomach *Bladder *3 Vessel cord * Eyes * Nose * Upper limbs * Lower limbs.

It should be noted that because of foetal movements, position and quantity of liquour all the foetal organs may not be visualized optimally in one scan.


BY ET, THE GA IS 15 W. 2 D. EDD: 22.11.10.

BY FIRST USG (3.4.10), THE GA IS 15 W. 1 D. EDD: 23.11.10.


As you can see baby W&M is going well, about 4 days ahead.

We had a great talk to Dr Ramesh yesterday, she really put our minds at ease!

Next scan in another 4 weeks!